La Perla Seafood Restaurant

Marata ul., 54/34

Т. +7 (812) 764-44-13

La Perla is the legendary fish restaurant by Igor Meltcer, opened in 1999 and turned into a network in 2018. The interior of the restaurant on Marata is steeped in history and literally teleports guests on the shipboard: portholes, ships bell, captain’s uniform, ships on the windowsills and blue tones in the design.

The menu includes fish dishes prepared by chef Stanislav Potemkin. The menu also offers: more than 6 kinds of oysters, sea urchins, clams, a delicacy like geoduck and Spisula (surf clam), arkshell, as well as St. Petersburg cuisine – you can try many kinds of local fish: perch, codfish, pike perch, whitefish and others.